Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery is an important part of the equipment industry.
Generally speaking,  a comprehensive mechanization of construction machinery  and equipment required by  all kinds construction projects, known as construction machinery.

 It is mainly used in the fields of national defense construction, transportation construction, industrial construction and energy production, mining and other industrial raw materials, construction and production, forestry, water conservancy construction, industrial and civil buildings, urban construction and environmental protection.

Zhichuan response to the requirements of construction machinery, design and produce all kinds inclinometers to cover customers’ requirements.
Some of the successful cases are as following:
For fork truck scale application , sensor ZCT210M-NTR is recommended,
For the dump truck Application sensor system ZCT-CX05-RC01 is recommended,
For the excavator applications CANBUS sensor ZCT290K-LCS-137-PF & ZCT1360J-LPS-A-75 are recommended,
For FEL truck low cost sensor ZCT245J-FTQ is recommended,
For aerial lifts safety monitoring , tilt swich ZCT215L-SQS-A1B-1907 is recommended.

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Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Tech Co., Ltd was established in 2002. As a leader in the tilt measuring and inclinometer fields. Our company always endeavors in designing and manufacturing more accurate, sensitive and reliable inclinometers, providing customer detailed and comprehensive solutions and service, assisting customers to improve their production efficiency so as to conquer challenges in fierce market competition.
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