High Formwork

ZC Inclinomerter’s Application at High Formwork

Along with social economy development, the engineering construction scale in china is becoming larger and more complex, More and more construction projects need to adopt high formwork templates, or short of high formwork. The height of high formwork is from a few meters to a dozen meters, some even rise tens of meters.


On the one hand, high formwork construction is easy to happen high fall accident, Causing casualties. More serious is in the construction process, If the high formwork system collapses, is likely to cause mass casualties, causing serious construction safety accidents. Therefore, in the construction work, prevention of high formwork collapse and other dangerous accidents is particularly important.


These 2 models from Shanghai ZC sensor (Model ZCT215M-LBS-ABUS-E3-4505, ZCT230M-LBS-BUS-3105), has been used in the field of high formwork system, and have prevented the fall collapsed accident effectively. Its working principle is, the high formwork templates may occur deformation, then the inclinometer to monitor the deformation angle to predict dangerous. ZC inclinometer, highly compatible with the monitoring system, always effectively monitor of high formwork security situation. The sensor has a perfect overrun alarm function, Combined with powerful data analysis software and a variety of analysis patterns, Intuitive monitoring results, improve the safety factor of construction.


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