ZCT215BN-V2 Two Axis Voltage Tilt Sensor

Product Short Description

Small size, light weight,

easy to intergrate,

Entirely industrial parts of appratus, 

Stable and credible performance,

Anti-shock, anti-vibration,

High cost-effective.




How To Order


1.Measuring range: -15°~+15°.
2.Two-axis; 0~5V voltage output.
3.Features: Small size, light weight; easy to intergrate; Entirely industrial
parts of appratus; stable and credible performance; Anti-shock, anti-vibration;
High cost-effective.
4.Applications: Angle measuring, level adjust, zero adjust; Sercuity control,
monitoring, alarm; Machine arm, dam, construction bridge angle measuring;
Aim control, bending control; Original position control, tilt gesture
recorder and so on.

Item Parameter Unit Remark
Measuring range -15 ~ +15  degree
Accuracy 0.2(±5°) degree Testing temperature 25±4 ℃
 0.5(±15°) degree Testing temperature 25±4 ℃
sensitivity 167 mv/degree Testing temperature 25±4 ℃
Voltage output resolution 2 mv Testing temperature 25±4 ℃
Voltage output accuracy(1 < 32( ±5°) mv Testing temperature 25±4 ℃
< 80 (±5°±15°) mv Testing temperature 25±4 ℃
Response frequency 1 Hz
Operating voltage(2 +5 VDC Stability ±0.1V
Operating current < 30 mA
Temperature drift 0.8max degree 25℃ as a basic point,during -40~+85 ℃
Operating temperature 40+85

Note 1voltage output accuracy means Root Mean Square Value of measured error for several times (≥10 tims) during measuring

 range.Measured error means the difference between measured value and noinal value.The formula is as follows;

n is measured times,it should be ≥10is measured error for each time.

Note 2Please keep the stability of input voltage as possible as you can,because it will influence the product’s voltage output 


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