ZCT245J-NAQ-ZGX Two-Axis TTL/RS232 Tilt Sensor

Product Short Description

Small size,  light weight, easy to integrate;All of the components are industrial ones which are stable and reliable;Impact and vibration resistance;Use plus or minus to show different  tilt directions in output data;

High cost performance;

Offer various output signals.




How To Order


1. Measuring range: ±45°.
2. Two-Axis; TTL and RS232 output.
3. Applications: Infrared thermal imaging sight and so on.

1. Working parameter:

Item Parameter Unit Remark
Supply voltage 5±0.2V V DC
Static operating current <30 mA
Operating temperature -40~+85
Size 29*27.5*7.4 mm L*W*H

2. Performance parameter:

Item Parameter Unit Remark
Measuring range ±45 ° Two axis
Resolution 0.1 °
Accuracy <0.5 ° RMS @25℃
Zero temperature drift 0.03 °/℃
Output frequency(1 14 Hz Can be set by FILT command, default is 14Hz

3. Output frequency error 1Hz

4. The default output format is hexadecimal.

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