2015 Electronic Sensor Well-Known Brand – ZC Tech

Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Technology Co. won the title of 2015 well-known brands in electronic sensors filed.
Industrial needs the revolution, the industry needs consolidation, under the guidance of the “Internet +” and Industry 4.0 and other national strategies, the electronics industry is closely linked with the national industry. It is a symbol of annual honor in Chinese electronics industry. The Brand Awards ceremony of the second session of the General Assembly HCFT intelligent hardware supply chain event, which indicate the forwarding direction in electronic industry, hold on November 27, 2015 in Shenzhen, China. In the field of electronic sensors, Shanghai Electronic Technology Co. Zhichuan with its high-quality products, and deep research in development, widely recognized by people in the industry, and finally won the the 2015 title of well-known brands of electronic sensors at high number votes. Shanghai Zhichuan devoted on tilt sensor, inclinometer products for decades, we seek for precision and professional in products, maximize the competitiveness in market, and strive to provide perfect service, make Shanghai Zhichuan become the priority choice for customers.

Post time: 11-28-2015