How to Ensure Workplace Safety with Inclinometer Tilt Sensor – Aerial Lifts

To prevent the overturn of the aerial working platform, tilt switches can be used as follows:

Let’s take the lab scissor lift (LSL) in the picture as an example, the tilt switch ZCT215L-SQS-A1B-1907 manufactured by ZC Sensor can be installed in position ①,② or ③,or all of them. The chassis is the base of the LSL, if it’s not in a horizontal position, the tilt sensor switch will sound an alarm and to inhibit the operator’s ability to take actions such as extending and moving the boom lift to increase the platform height. The tilt switch on the boom arm can monitor the boom tilt angle to do the load calculations so that to prevent an unsafe load which may case the vehicle to overturn or fall. The platform height is a function of the LSL arm angle so the angle measured on the top workplace can be used to calculate both of the platform height and the load, further to prevent unsafe loads on the LSL.

inclinometer and tilt sensor in scissor lift

Post time: 01-20-2017