In-place Inclinometer Used for Funan Digital Mall Reconstruction Project

Our in-place inclinometer ZCT-CX100, with advantage of long term stale performance, can be widely used for bridge, railway, mine safety, seawall and almost all kinds of construction monitoring projects, the remote and real time features brings much convenience for tracking and monitoring work.

ZCT-CX100-in-place-inclinometer-750Recently a customer from Singapore bought our in-place inclinometer ZCT-CX100, which would be used for Funan Digital Mall reconstruction project. Funan was originally one of the tradition malls in Singapore, considering the Singapore retail scene is in dire straits, empty shop fronts dominate the landscape and the once thriving Orchard Road is a pale shadow of itself. Funan believes it has the answer. It is closed at July of 2016, and the whole reconstruction job will be finished on the fourth quarter of 2019. Its developer CapitaLand just opened a retail show suite at the junction of Hill Street and High Street that is unlike any other showrooms we’ve been to.

The-facade-of-the-Funan-show-suite-790The facade of the Funan show suite

Centred around The Tree of Life, the show suite, which is opened to the public, is a wood and steel structure that houses a variety of open platforms and studios for local makers to hold events and workshops. You can also check out the new features and retail offerings that Funan has incorporated into the mall, including a rock climbing wall, a futsal pitch and garden patch for urban farmers, and a bicycle track that runs within the mall.

As Funan mall is located at the downtown area, the monitoring work is becoming most important considering the surrounding building environment and human activities. For the whole project, more than one hundred in-place inclinometers (1m measuring unit) will be used for monitoring the tilt changing of the surrounding buildings to ensure safety. The installation and related monitoring work is estimated to be going on middle of Sep, and will last till the whole reconstruction work is finished.

data-collection-790ZC own designed data collection software

data-curveExport and analysis IPI data

Our in-place inclinometer ZCT-CX100 can support a wireless data logger, which makes data collection more convenient and easier. The wireless data logger can support two channels, and for each channel, can support max 30 IPI units. All the on field IPI data can be uploaded to the internet by 3G/4G, and technicians can check and analysis the data at office. With our own designed data collect and analysis software, technicians can learn and export the on field deformation data clearly and easily.

Post time: 09-05-2018