IoT Solution-Safety Monitoring of “The Green Tile Building” in Shanghai

The Green Tile Building is a key cultural relic protection building in Shanghai. The building was originally built as the local government building, carrying the dream of the citizens building their homes at that time, and condensing the essence of Chinese national architectural art, which has a long history and cultural value.


The local government building, also known as The Green Tile Building, is an ironclad evidence of Japanese imperialist aggression against China. In July 1930, the foundation stone laying ceremony was held. In 1932, The Incident of January 28 occurred and the construction of The Green Tile Building was interrupted.

In 1937, the Sino-Japanese War broke out in an all-out way. The Green Tile Building was bombarded by the Japanese bombing. The roof of the building was blown up, and the glazed tiles were blown up. The skeleton cast from reinforced concrete was blown into broken walls.

IoT Solution - Safety Monitoring of The Green Tile Building in Shanghai-02

The Green Tile Building destroyed by war (photograph)

After the founding of People’s Republic of China, the weather-beaten old Shanghai government building was used by the Shanghai University of Sport. Due to the iconic green glazed tiles, the teachers and students of the Shanghai University of Sport began to call it “Green Tile Building” cordially, while the students claimed to be “Green tile students”, The Green Tile Building had been assumed almost all the functions of teaching, training and accommodation for a long time, and had become a symbol of Shanghai University of Sport.


In the beginning of 2018, a comprehensive repair work was carried out. The age of The Green Tile Building and the increasing number of visitors, which has placed a heavy burden on the building. In order to better protect The Green Tile Building, real-time monitoring of the structure of the building is required. The wireless high-precision LoRa tilt sensor (ZCT800ML) produced by our company is used.

The model of ZCT800ML wireless LoRa tilt sensor is mainly used for building stability monitoring, tilting, settlement, overall collapse, local component monitoring, stress, strain, displacement, deformation, and other health conditions, with automatic alarm system. The product has high precision, resolution of 0.001 degree, and long-distance transmission of up to 5 kilometers, which plays a key role in the protection and monitoring of ancient buildings. It can be automatically networked and networked, and is an important component of modern IoT monitoring systems.

Post time: 01-11-2019