Kick-off meeting for Alibaba Hundred Legion Campaign

Our Shanghai Zhichuan company attend the kick-off meeting for Hundred Legion Campaign held by Alibaba on the date of Nov 25,2014.

There are 34 companies attending this meeting, and we are divided into Red Army and Blue Army.  Lets
Guess who who will win in this Campaign?
Alibaba bring military culture to this campaign.  Each staff of each company is the soldier, this campaign is a battle.
Every soldier should complete his duty, it is not only for yourself it is also for your team. You have no excuse to run away.

There are 2 stage for this campaign: warming up and starting.

In the morning, Alibaba Coach suggest some warm up activities for us,  and we all feel excited and everybody feel good.
After that, the coach let us do a simple game”counting”.  We are divided into 4 teams to PK.  It is a simple game, but we read “trust” “Responsibility” “Forgive” “Confidence” “Improve” “Unity” “Success” and “Sensation”.  It is really impressive game which we ever have.
In the afternoon, we come to the real goal.  Every soldier announce loudly his goal with a lot of confidence. Everybody has the determination to complete the goal.  Of course, we ZHICHUAN soldiers are not afraid everything,  we set higher goal and we believe the higher goal will inspire ourselves to do better.
And we will provide better service to our customers with more efforts and better attitude with our responsible hearts, you can watch on us.

You are welcome to give us any suggestions if you have any comments on us.

Post time: 11-26-2014