ZC Tilt Sensors are Exhibited at the IFPE / ConExpo 2017 Exhibition in Las Vegas

CONEXPO-CON / AGG was held in Las Vegas, with more than 2,500 enterprises and organizations participating in the construction industry in 2017, with an area of 2,500,000 square feet. Exhibitors mainly include contractors, distributors, service providers, engineers, manufacturers and so on. In the construction industry, CONEXPO-CON / AGG covers a very comprehensive and rich application.


The ZCT-CX05-RC01 inclinometer, which is composed of the tilt sensor and the display, has the function of setting the alarm angle setting function, and also has the logging function. At present, the model is mainly In foreign countries for vehicle safety monitoring, in Europe and the United States widely end users praise.

tilt sensors002

1. The main features of the product
All use of industrial devices, stable performance and reliable
Event automatic recording function;
Wide voltage power supply, with power reverse protection
2. The main technical parameters are

Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Working parameters voltage 8 24 36 V(DC)
Static operating current (1 No load VCC = 24V 60 100 mA
Working current when alarm VCC = 24 V 150 200 mA
Alarm angle Relay action point 2 7 9.9 °
Relay contact capacity 24V (DC) / 250V (AC) 10 A
24V (DC) / 250V (AC)
Operating temperature range Display -20 70
sensor -40 85
Performance Measuring range Uniaxial -20 20 °
Resolution 0.1 °
Accuracy (2 RMS ±0.2 °
Zero temperature drift ±0.05 ±0.08 °/℃
Dimensions monitor 160*105*32 mm
sensor 41*41*51 mm
Protection class monitor IP54
sensor IP67

Note 1: The static operating current is the operating current of the device when the supply voltage is 24V and the sensor angle is less than the alarm angle.
Note 2: Accuracy is the root mean square error of the actual real angle and the sensor measurement angle (≥16 times).

3. EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Detection:

Environmental phenomena Experimental grade unit Experimental standards Performance criteria
Electrostatic (contact discharge) ± 4 (charge voltage) KV GB / T 17626.2 / IEC 61000-4-2 C
Static (air discharge) ± 4 (charge voltage) KV
Fast transient bursts ± 2 (charging voltage) KV GB / T 17626.4 / IEC 61000-4-4 C
5/50 Tr / Th ns
5 (repetition frequency) KHz
Surge (line-ground), (line-line [power supply line positive and negative]) ± 2 (open circuit voltage) KV GB / T 17626.5 / IEC 61000-4-5 C
1.2 / 50 Tr / Th us

4. Have the function

Connect the monitor to the computer via the USB port and run “zc.exe” to set the following parameters:

1) system time, the default for the Beijing time; system time to the precise;
2) alarm angle, the default alarm angle of ± 7 degrees; when reached or exceeded the angle value, the system automatically save the angle value and system time at this time;
3) sleep time, the default is 10 minutes; from the last sleep mode wake up or set the sleep time after the tenth minute, the system will enter the sleep mode;
4) set the current angle to zero;
5) to restore the absolute angle;
6) read the system log;
7) clear the system log;
System log function:
The following will be recorded as an event in the system:
1) system into sleep state; software display: Sleep
2) the system from the sleep state recovery; software display: Wake
3) The sensor measures the tilt angle to or beyond the preset alarm angle value; Software display: Angle_Alarm
4) angle alarm release (tilt to less than the default alarm angle); software display: Angle_Recover
5) detected limit alarm; software display: Limit_Alarm
6) limit alarm release; software display: Limit_Recover
7) The sensor is not connected to the display; software display: Break_Alarm
8) sensor and monitor to restore the connection; software display: Break_Recover
When the same type of alarm continues to occur, the system only records the type of alarm start time and the time to exit the alarm. All alarm events up to 4000 records, the number of records beyond, in accordance with the principle of first-in first-out, the new event will cover the oldest event.

The digital tilt sensor system was exhibited at the show. As the product performance is good, simple operation, cost-effective, through the CE certification, RoHS certification, so access to the industry professionals widely recognized, more engineering equipment manufacturers on our products have a great interest. Straight groove tilt sensor in Europe and the United States market and a step forward. In response to the government China “manufacturing power” strategy.



Post time: 03-15-2017