ZC attend 10th International Conference on Intelligent Environment

The 10th International Conference on Intelligent Environment-IE’14 is hold at Xuhui campus of SJTU at 9am on 1st July ,2014. The conference includes many innovation and practic of all field,such as natural science, engineering science, architecture, business and so on.
Programme of the conference on 2nd is carried out mainly around two themes intelligent city and intelligent environment.
Many topics, such as ‘The strategy of telecoms industry on Smart City’‘Application of Fiber Optic Sensor Network in Smart Environment’‘Intelligent Environment, Context Awareness and Smart City’is discussed on the meeting.

Two senior engineer of Shanghai Zhichuan is invited to attend the conference, and they also showed our smart
inclinometers and the new inclinometer system of ZCT-CX03L used for intelligent construction and monitoring.

Post time: 07-04-2014