ZC launch new products based on virtual instrument technology

Virtual instrument is taken core of computer, and made of hardware with function of signal sample,
process and transmission , and software with function of data operation, analysis, display and storage.
It is combination of mordern instrument and computer technology, represents the instrument
development trend, and is the revolution in the instrument technology field.
Along with the technology development trend, ZC launch the new product—-grating virtual dynamic display system.
It is one new type grating read and analysis system.
It is made of lower hardware (signal sampling and interconnection device) and upper
software(displacement speed OSC software). It’s mainly used to collect grating’s pulse signal and then transmit
to the PC, after process by PC, the dynamic curve of real time displacement and speed will be showed on the PC.
Then the observer can easily watch and anlysis the whole movement of the moving object which is connected
with grating. Moving features and performace can be evaluated directly.
If we take the tranditional grating which just measure static position as multimeter, then we can take the new grating
which can measure the whole movements as OSC.

displacement speed OSC software

Post time: 10-30-2014