ZC company successfully apply for DUNS No.

DUNS Number (D-U-N-S® Number,is the abbreviation of Data Universal Numbering System)
it is unique 9 digit coding system in the world,Equivalent to the company’s identification number (like Personal ID CARD)
DUNS Number is widely used in Coporate identity ,Organization and arrangement of business information.
the number is signed and issued by Dun&Brastreet company .
each number is correspond to the only company ,never repeat .
some big buyers such as Delphi,GM,VW,Apple,Verisign,FUJI,Philips,Samsung,Wal-mart,Dell,ZF,Whirlpool,UPIK,HSBC ,etc .
require the suppliers obtainning DUNS number before become their qualified suppliers .
ZC company hace successfully got the DUNS Number :529173963 on date of May 5 ,2015.

Post time: 05-28-2015