ZC Geotechnical inclinometer find its way into National Lab of Northwest Bio-Hydraulic Projects

12.31.2014, ZC official transferred geotechnical inclinometer system to National Lab of Northwest Hydraulic Projects.
Zhujia in ZC Sensor presented a thorough training less for the lab staffs.
National Laboratory Base of the Northwest Arid Area Ecological hydraulic engineering (Xi’an Technology University),approved by Science and Technology department in August 2011, based on the national level key disciplines hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural water and soil engineering and geotechnical engineering doctoral disciplines. It relies on advantages of environment and water resources Lab in Shaanxi Province and talent and innovations of Mechanics and Engineering laboratory, United Northwest institute of Hydraulic Engineering and research forces.
The State Key Laboratory has Houqun Chen and Peicheng Li, two academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Since the foundation, laboratory has undertaken more than 400 research projects, obtaining funding for projects over 100 million Yuan. Among which: 5 National “973 Plan”,1 “863 Plan”, 2 National Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China 59 (1 major project,2 key projects), 5 public sector research and 60 provincial level projects, 60 other vertical, more than 260 horizontal projects.
Since being found, the lab holds on strict evaluating and inspecting process for all test equipments. With a high accuracy, high resolution, small size, high reliability and a lot innovations, ZC’s Geotechnical inclinometer has captured the eyes of Lab’s staff after going through such processes. And the whole Lab finally chose it as its only borehole geotechnical displacement test equipment from a lot of domestic and candidate foreign brands.

geotechnical inclinometer

Post time: 12-31-2014