ZC In-place Inclinometer Seminar Held as Scheduled

On the day of September 9, the chief engineer Chu, director Hu and some site monitoring personnels from Shanghai Geotechnical Investigation and Design Institute (SGIDI) were invited by Zhichuan technology to a seminar on the in-place inclinometer project. Other experts including Dr. Wang and Dr. Xu from China Construction Eighth Engineering Division(CCEED), general manager Din from Shangihai Jing Hai Engineering Technology, general manager Niu from Topcon, and senior engineer Wang from Shanghai Shannan were invited and attended to the seminar as well.

All the participants gathered on Zhichuan test site at 9:00 in the morning to watch the operation of portable inclinometer and in-place inclinometer (and a product from United State). They discussed the practicality, feasibility, advantages and disadvantages of its technical solutions of the new in-place inclinometer. Director Hu from SGIDI confirmed the accuracy, stability and practicality of the portable inclinometer, and hope to analysis and compare the measuring data of the in-place inclinometer, in order to enable a breackthrough in cooperation project.

At 11:00 AM, participants and technical personnels gathered in Zhichuan’s meeting roon. They expressed their views freely, with reference to specific data and the site operation situation of the inclinometer. They also gave their views, comments and some good suggestions.

On the meeting, chief engineer Chu show the PPT to recall the measuring data from a foreign brand inclinometer since 2006, especially in 2013, and compared the curves and shared his opinion on the operation. He also discussed the test solution of new excavation support technology proposed by master Gu (the national mapping master, the national labor model), and hope Zhichuan technology can develop better solutions.

After the meeting, SGIDI suggested to speed up the borehole test. Meanwhile, they suggest the R&D engineers of Zhichuan technology to observe the subway station in Huaihai Road. Dr. Wang from CCEED suggested to make an example project on a project site in Shuzhou. Mr. Din proposed to test the inclinometer in their new project as soon as possible.

Since then, all the inclinometer systems used in the subway extension line of line 5(Southbridge), the line 17, the line 14 and so on, are all supplied by Zhichuan technology. Zhichuan’s products are now in a dominant position in the market of Shanghai subway surveillance.

Post time: 09-22-2015