ZC In-place Inclinometer ZCT-CX100 Used for Station Construction in Switzerland

Congratulation to our in-place inclinometer ZCT-CX100 on finally passing our Swiss customer’s evaluation, and will be widely used in their station construction project next. Before this, trail order sample sensors (10 pieces) were ordered to test, and after more than half a year of actual use and observation, our in-place inclinometer ZCT-CX100 was recognized to have a long-term stable performance, and still working well after continuous use. Finally, the good quality of our in place inclinometer wins a two hundred pieces batch order used to monitor a local station construction project by SBB/CFF/FFS. All of the sensors have been successfully integrated into their monitoring platform till now.


The station under construction is at Oerlikon, a district in the northern part of Zürich, Switzerland. There were 20 holes in the construction site alongside the walls , 10 holes on each side, each hole is 30 meters deep, installed with 10 pieces of inclinometer sensor, which is 3m measuring units. The 200 pieces of inclinometer ZCT-CX100 were installed in these 20 holes to monitoring the whole construction progress.


According to the customer, the protection and supervised wall along side the whole station was found with a slightly moving during construction. And then they decided to densely covered with inclinometers on each side of the two walls for more timely and effective monitoring.

Our high-quality in-place inclinometer ZCT-CX100, with whole stainless steel structure, provides reliable technical support for the implementation of the Station Construction Project. It is fully suitable for continuous, unattended monitoring conditions, enabling easy real-time data transmission. Save labor costs and provide reliable data analysis for the entire project. And it has been widely used in domestic and foreign markets to monitoring the foundation pit, slope, embankment safety and so on. You can view more application cases below:

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Post time: 08-30-2018