ZC Inclinometer Sensor Used in the Construction of the Longest Cross-sea Bridge in the World

The constructing HZMB will be the longest cross-sea bridge in the world. It crosses sea around 35km and connects Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao. The construction started on Dec.15th, 2009. The first stage will be finished at latest 2016. It takes 6 years in completing this construction. The investment of this bridge is over CNY70 billion.
The HZMB is constructed as highest construction standard, earthquake-proof of 8 degree (seismic intensity) and bear typhoon of 16 level. The theoretical life of the HZMB is 120 years.
During the construction, in order to ensure safety and quality, there are two monitor system in the lifting operation process at the same time. The two system are inclinometer and video image. With the domestic professional technology , long-term reliable successful applications, leading market position and technical support capabilities, ZC won the trust and got the task of leveling security monitor.

Post time: 10-25-2013