ZC 360 Degree High Accuracy Inclinometer Used for Incline One Axis Solar Tracker System

Engineer Zhang, from ZC sensor, take the high accuracy inclinometer (P/N: ZCT1360J-LBS-BUS-77 ) went to customer’s production base to install the sensor and help to settle relevant technical problems on June 30th, 2015. This inclinometer is one axis, 0~360 degree measuring range, with 485 output, small size, light  weight, easy to be integrated. Blow is the one axis solar tracking systems.

Inclination one-axis tracking system is a cost-effective solution designed for medium and large solar power plant construction. It’s widely used in high-latitude areas. The system features an isosceles triangle frame support structure, maintenance-free, weatherproof polymer bearing moving parts and unique linkage structure, ensuring the system stability, low cost and low failure rate,etc. Compared with traditional fixed mounting bracket, it can increase around 30% in annual generation capability, becoming the first choice for medium and large size high-efficiency solar power plants construction. Zhichuan inclination sensor is mounted in the middle of rotating shaft in below picture. The clients are very satisfied with the sensor performance which involves hours efforts of our technicians and those from client’ company. The picture below shows installation site:

Currently ZC sensor have got many models inclinometer used in solar power generation. eg: ZCT-290L-LNT is suitable for PV
solar power. ZCT1360KLAXS-4305 is suitable for thermal solar power. Along with economic development, social progress, high
demands on energy is required. Searching for new sources of energy become the essential theme for human being. Solar energy
is resuable, safe, clean, and not a threat to humans and damage to the environment. Solar energy development promote China
“green light program” in rapid development. ZC sensor eager to work with domestic and abroad to provide inclinometer solution
in green energy development to make its own contribution to the cause.


Post time: 07-01-2015