ZC Sensor Outdoor Development Training

Outdoor development training can help employees self-understanding, stimulate personal potential, enhance self-confidence, train personal discipline and enhance the sense of teamwork. Shanghai ZhichuanElectronic Tech Co., Ltd. focus on staff training and upgrading, and actively arrange a variety of professional training and development training for employees.

On December 12, 2015, Shanghai Zhichuan front-line employees actively participated in outdoor development training, defying the cold weather. During the training many activities were carried out.They trust each other, offering wisdom and courage, work together and help each other to finish each activity seriously. Although there were slightly unpleasantness during the activities, but for the whole team, everyone did not count individual gains and losses, they kept the overall situation.
Coming back from the outdoor development training, we deeply feel the strongness of the team strength, we will bring our ‘heart’ into our work. Let this spirit of ownership be maintained. Fighting!

Post time: 12-13-2015