ZC Sensor Provide Solar Tracking System Tilt Sensor For India Market

Dedicated to green energy is the global progress, reduce carbon emissions. It is our commitment to the planet, Create a sustainable future. We are committed to reducing impact and optimizing resource protection by creating innovative solutions. “Alternative thinking”, Pillars of our rise, Continue to enable us to find effective ways, Preserve and optimize the limited natural resources left over to us. We firmly believe, Ecology and economy are not contradictory, but complementary. Therefore, we think that environmental benefits are a kind of commercial ability, Invest time and money to improve efficiency. Solar photovoltaic tracking system is a product of environmental benefits came into being.

The tilt sensor ZCT1360J-LBS-BUS-77 of our company provides a perfect solution to the tracking system. And in the Indian market has been vigorously promoted and used. And we have made a long-term and steady cooperation with India’s group company M, become their verified Gold Tilt Sensor Supplier.


M get effective use of India’s rich sunshine, with huge opportunity to produce clean energy, in energy field, especially in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation. In line with the Indian government’s goal of increasing solar power to 100,000 megawatts by 2022, creating the necessary infrastructure for clean green electricity, M’s philosophy is to reshape our relationship with nature.

Shanghai Zhichuan provides tilt sensor solution for M’s most complete photovoltaic tracking system. From year of 2015, start to test samples of our ZCT1360J-LBS-BUS-77 model tilt sensor, and very satisfied with our samples. Looks trough the cooperated years, we already work with M for about 500MW of solar photovoltaic power generation projects. The number of tilt sensors purchased from us up to several tens of thousands pieces.

Among their project CSP, the largest solar power tracker project in Karnataka, about 200MW. Nearly 10,000 tilt sensors purchased from our company. All the sensors are used till now without any complaints. From inclinometer research and development, procurement, production, and quality management, till logistics and after-sales service, we check strictly at each process, and strive to customer satisfaction extremely. With rich tilt sensor supply experience on large projects, and in the spirit of always thinking of customer, we have won the more and more trust from customers, and made customer more and more confident on our products quality and our services.


Why use solar tracking system:

With the theoretical analysis: for sun tracking system, the energy receiving rate is higher by 37.7% compared with fixed tracking system. Sun tracking system, with accurate tracking of the sun , can greatly improve the solar efficiency of the receiver , thereby increasing the solar power system solar energy utilization, broaden the usage of the solar energy.




Why choose tilt sensor program instead of other programs?

System design is simple;
Easy installation and maintenance;
Low cost, long lasting.


Post time: 01-20-2018