Zhichuan inclinometer is used for Sochi Olympic

The 22th Winter Olympics Games (2014 Winter Olympics) will start its opening on Feb 7th, at Sochi in Russia. International Public opinion beliven that it will be the biggest security operation for the East Olympics and Paralympics in history , with UAV in sky,Missile Position on land ,frogman in water.

Our inclinometers successfully win the bid of the safety monitoring system in the stadium. More than thousand sets and of 700sets delivered, and new orders are in proceeding .ZCT230M type inclinometer is successfully used in many projects in Russian Markets during last 2 years which is one of the important reason we win the bid .

We are pride that our inclinometers is play an important part in the the safety monitoring system for the competition arena,Snow sports,ropeway ,etc.

Thank for the choice of our inclinometer by the Sochi Olymic engineering contractor , and the opportunity to serve the sports meeting. And may the winter Olympic meeting get a complete success.


Post time: 01-21-2015