• Old Clothes Deliver Warmth in Deep Winter
    Post time: 01-13-2015

    We had a internal competition with SH-Fengyilong Ltd,. in the legion campaign hold by the famous Alibaba. What we compete on is inquiry increasing rate, and we won by a little margin. Now every inquiry equals a warmth in winter! ZC is now leading a charity campaign”old clothes deliver warmt...Read more »

  • ZC Geotechnical inclinometer find its way into National Lab of Northwest Bio-Hydraulic Projects
    Post time: 12-31-2014

    12.31.2014, ZC official transferred geotechnical inclinometer system to National Lab of Northwest Hydraulic Projects. Zhujia in ZC Sensor presented a thorough training less for the lab staffs. National Laboratory Base of the Northwest Arid Area Ecological hydraulic engineering (Xi’an Techno...Read more »

  • ZC Challenge Forlong
    Post time: 12-26-2014

    With the prepare work on competition between companies is going on, ZC also take part in and in order to carry forward the PK spirit, all of ZC’s international sales went to challenge Forlong company. And the challenge letter is deliveried on 20th Nov, as follow: Challenge details is as follow: ...Read more »

  • Kick-off meeting for Alibaba Hundred Legion Campaign
    Post time: 11-26-2014

    Our Shanghai Zhichuan company attend the kick-off meeting for Hundred Legion Campaign held by Alibaba on the date of Nov 25,2014. There are 34 companies attending this meeting, and we are divided into Red Army and Blue Army.  Lets Guess who who will win in this Campaign? Alibaba bring military cu...Read more »

  • ZC launch new products based on virtual instrument technology
    Post time: 10-30-2014

    Virtual instrument is taken core of computer, and made of hardware with function of signal sample, process and transmission , and software with function of data operation, analysis, display and storage. It is combination of mordern instrument and computer technology, represents the instrument dev...Read more »

  • Post time: 07-08-2014

    Having been through one year of R&D, ZC Satellite-lifting equipment auto-leveling system has recognized and accepted by Military customer. With a cutting-edge embedded technology, this system consists of main-controlling and in-hand components. Both wireless and cable connection modes are ava...Read more »