ZC Sensor News

  • ZC In-place Inclinometer Seminar Held as Scheduled
    Post time: 09-22-2015

    On the day of September 9, the chief engineer Chu, director Hu and some site monitoring personnels from Shanghai Geotechnical Investigation and Design Institute (SGIDI) were invited by Zhichuan technology to a seminar on the in-place inclinometer project. Other experts including Dr. Wang and Dr. ...Read more »

  • Zhichuan inclinometer is used for Sochi Olympic
    Post time: 01-21-2015

    The 22th Winter Olympics Games (2014 Winter Olympics) will start its opening on Feb 7th, at Sochi in Russia. International Public opinion beliven that it will be the biggest security operation for the East Olympics and Paralympics in history , with UAV in sky,Missile Position on land ,frogman in ...Read more »

  • Old Clothes Deliver Warmth in Deep Winter
    Post time: 01-13-2015

    We had a internal competition with SH-Fengyilong Ltd,. in the legion campaign hold by the famous Alibaba. What we compete on is inquiry increasing rate, and we won by a little margin. Now every inquiry equals a warmth in winter! ZC is now leading a charity campaign”old clothes deliver warmt...Read more »

  • ZC Geotechnical inclinometer find its way into National Lab of Northwest Bio-Hydraulic Projects
    Post time: 12-31-2014

    12.31.2014, ZC official transferred geotechnical inclinometer system to National Lab of Northwest Hydraulic Projects. Zhujia in ZC Sensor presented a thorough training less for the lab staffs. National Laboratory Base of the Northwest Arid Area Ecological hydraulic engineering (Xi’an Techno...Read more »

  • ZC Challenge Forlong
    Post time: 12-26-2014

    With the prepare work on competition between companies is going on, ZC also take part in and in order to carry forward the PK spirit, all of ZC’s international sales went to challenge Forlong company. And the challenge letter is deliveried on 20th Nov, as follow: Challenge details is as follow: ...Read more »

  • Kick-off meeting for Alibaba Hundred Legion Campaign
    Post time: 11-26-2014

    Our Shanghai Zhichuan company attend the kick-off meeting for Hundred Legion Campaign held by Alibaba on the date of Nov 25,2014. There are 34 companies attending this meeting, and we are divided into Red Army and Blue Army.  Lets Guess who who will win in this Campaign? Alibaba bring military cu...Read more »