Inclinometer For Geotechnical Monitoring System

With the rapid development of the city, high-rise buildings, metro, airport and other large infrastructure construction can be found everywhere. In order to ensure that each important construction project can be completed safely, the security monitoring of the progress of each construction project is becoming more and more important. And as the sophistication of infrastructure projects continues to increase, there is also a growing demand for the work of monitoring.

Generally speaking, for every construction project, the pre-construction safety assessment should be done before it officially starts. And there will be more related security monitoring work during the construction: whether the construction process is safe and reliable, whether the construction process will affect surrounding buildings and existing works.

Besides, there will be safety monitoring for mountainous and slopes as well as real-time monitoring and safety analysis in dam construction and subgrade construction. And our ZC geotechnical inclinometer, dummy inclinometer, IPIs and wireless inclinometers all can be used for these relevant construction monitoring projects.

ZC geotechnical inclinometer, also called vertical inclinometer or borehole inclinometer, P/N: ZCT-CX03S-230, a device that measures displacement, is mainly used for monitoring the horizontal displacement of deep borehole, slope, foundation and other infrastructure during observation period. By drilling, the inclinometer pipe buried in the ground, measuring the deformation alongside the deformation of casing tubes. Take the inclinometer probe on the groove along the casing up and down by step measurement, which can accurately measure the displacement. Then make forecasts according to the displacement and guide the construction.


Our geotechnical inclinometer, with following features:

  • High Accuracy and resolution.
  • Dual axis and +-30 degree measuring range.
  • Stable and reliable performance.
  • Friendly interface, easy operation.
  • Robust and rugged, waterproof and durable use.
  • Free spare parts presented.

In some condition with long term monitoring boreholes, which are not protected well and the inclinometer probe is easily stuck at some position, and cannot pulled out. Our dummy inclinometer ZCT230S-SKQ can be firstly used to check if the borehole is unobstructed before measurements. Its structure is totally the same as the inclinometer probe, but with a heavier weight for easy checking.

Since some monitoring work requirements on hazardous or remote areas, and combined with the rising labor costs, more and more customers are becoming thinking of the in place inclinometer and wireless inclinometers.

Our In-Place Inclinometer ZCT-CX03-100 series products, which structures are made of stainless steel material, with strict inspection control by our QC team.



  • Addressable inclinometer probe, only one cable is required.
  • With Modbus open protocol, network supported, data collecting easily.
  • Real-time monitoring, save labor and time, for badly environment usage.
  • Remote control and data acquisition available.
  • All stainless steel structure, robust and durable.


  • IQC for probe structure: Assembly the probe structure, and put 100m depth water (simulation a 100m depth water environment by Production Equipment) for 48hours. Make sure all structure housing with better waterproof features.


  • In production: each structure joint part should be potted and assembly by thread-locking adhesives.


  • Inspection before shipment: simulation a 100m depth water environment test again continually for 48hous.


Currently 1m, 2m, and 3m measuring units are available, other length can be customized , should be informed before order placed. At the same time, the data logger of the IPI with insider DTU module, can cover remote control and realize wireless data acquisition.

For wireless lora inclinometer ZCT600ML-215SR, with matched gateway, support network of max 64 pcs wireless lora inclinometers. And in the near future, after upgraded, network inclinometer quantity will be increased up to 256. As for its ultra low power consumption, it is popularly welcome by bridge monitoring, subway monitoring and tunnel monitoring projects.

Besides, the online monitoring, same as the IPI systems, is much popular in developing countries monitoring project, its auto monitoring method, save much labor cost, reduce project budget , also make user to obtain structure current state information in real time.

Actually, the field monitoring is not just used with our inclinometer, other instrumentation, such as strain gauge, piezometers and settlement meters are together used to cover the whole monitoring work.