Inclinometers For Solar Tracking System

ZC cost-effective inclinometer for photovoltaic (PV) power generation and solar thermal energy (STE/CSP) generation.

With vigorously development on new energy sources, as clean and inexhaustible solar energy is even more favored by the government and the majority of businesses. With the rapid development of solar energy to electricity conversion technology both at home and abroad, solar energy has already been used to generate electricity for access to the grid. Now many large-scale solar power plants are operating in recent years.


There are two main types of solar power generation: photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation.

Compared with the solar thermal power generation, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is lower, but the photoelectric conversion rate can only reach about 20%.

The solar thermal technology is also developed quickly in recent years, this technology can firstly convert solar energy into heat energy and store it, then convert the stored heat energy into electricity when it is needed. In this condition, it can work in day and night, not the same as photovoltaic power, which can only generate electricity during the daytime, the solar energy conversion rate can be as high as 30%.

For now, our ZC inclinometers have been widely used for both photovoltaic power generation system and solar thermal power generation system on both domestic and foreign markets.


For PV Solar Tracking System:



ZCT1360J-LBS-BUS-77: single axis, digital RS485 output, with measuring range 0 ~ 360 degree, accuracy of 0.5°.

ZCT1360K-LBS-ABUS-77: single axis, digital RS485 output, with measuring range 0 ~ 360 degree, accuracy of 0.2°.

ZCT290L-LNT: dual axis, analog voltage output, with measuring range -90 ~ 90 degree.

ZCT1C0J-NPS: single axis, analog voltage output, with measuring range -10 ~ 100 degree.


For Solar Thermal Energy (STE) or Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) System:csp-inclinometer-for-solar-tracking-system


ZCT1360K-LPS-ALV-4605-00100: single axis, current output, with measuring range 0 ~ 100 degree, accuracy of 0.1°.

ZCT1360K-LHS-ARH-4605-060060: single axis, voltage output, with measuring range -60 ~ 60 degree, accuracy of 0.1°.

ZCT1360K-LBS-ALV-BUS-4605: single axis, digital RS485 output, with measuring range 0 ~ 360 degree, accuracy of 0.1°.


Each inclinometer have its own advantages, and can be well integrated into customers’ control system. For -77 series of inclinometers are cost-effective, and have been used with quantity of ten thousand pieces by current clients, as for its reliable performance, approved by UL certification, now can be competing used on the United States market.

Sensor ZCT1360K-LPS-ALV-4605-00100 has been used in our customer’s demo for up to five years, stable performance and reasonable price, worth customer trust and support.