TMS Intelligent Tower Monitoring System

Remote Telecommunications Tower and Electric Tower Angle Changing Monitoring


The State of Industry

Traditional tower maintenance needs long-term investment with huge labor & management costs, and monitoring quality & data validity, especially historical data management & analysis can not be guaranteed effectively to solve problem of personnel security for outdoor maintenance work.


Demands Overview

The telecommunications tower is an important facility for carrying antennas for wireless communication systems. It plays a key signal transmission role for wireless system communication, and its safety needs to be reliably guaranteed. However, telecommunication towers are generally installed outdoors and widely distributed. Many of them are installed in remote areas and are vulnerable to natural and human influences and damage. Therefore, it is necessary to use an auxiliary method to monitor the status of the telecommunications tower in real time, providing early warning of possible problems to ensure the telecommunications tower is under good conditions.



1. The Principle of Intelligent Tower Monitoring System

By installing horizontal and vertical sensors on the tower, the working status of the tower is perceived. When the tilt of the tower or the temperature exceeds the normal range, corresponding protective measures are taken immediately.


2. Introduction of Intelligent System



The main use of tilt sensors, temperature sensors, are installed on the tower to monitor the tilt and temperature.

1) temperature sensor
Detecting real-time temperature on communication towers.

2) tilt sensor
Our company ZCT215M-LBS-ABUS-E3-4505 tilt sensor, can be used to detect the angle changing of the communications tower.
Technical parameters:
Input voltage: 8V to 36V wide voltage input
Interface: RS485
Measure range: +-15°, IP67, high accuracy: 0.005°


—Wind direction sensor

A sensor for measuring average wind direction. It consists of a light wind vane pivoted on top of a housing. Inside the housing a compass is magnetically coupled to the vane.


Photograph the scene and return it to the data center. Staff can monitor the scene through photos. Image/video equipment can be upgraded to regional automatic tracking and multi-target tracking function.


—Central server

The sensor data of the collected communication towers are displayed, saved, and counted for monitoring personnel to view the working status of the communication tower. Any mobile phone, computer, PDA etc. network terminal equipment can access data/ video and parameter debugging.


—Intelligent data processing terminal

This terminal mainly implements data acquisition of sensors, sending of data to management centers, and abnormal SMS alarms for communication towers.