ZCT100AL-485 Series Single Axis RS485 Tilt Sensor

Product Short Description

Small volume, light weight;

Aluminum shell,dust-proof and waterproof;

Industrial devices entirely;

Stablity and reliable performance;

Shockproof and anti-vibration;

Additional displayed appliance




How To Order


1. Measuring range: 0°~+360°.
2. One-Axis; RS485 output.
3. Features: Small volume, light weight; Aluminum shell,dust-proof and waterproof; Industrial devices entirely,stablity and reliable performance; Shockproof and anti-vibration; Additional displayed appliance.
4. Applications: Angle measurement, level adjustment, zero adjust; Aerial work platform control; Security control,monitoring, alarm; Machinery arm angle measurement.

Parameter Test condition Min value Typical value Max value Unit
Operating parameter  Supply voltage 4.75 5 5.25 V(DC)
Quiescent current Without load 15 20 25 mA
Operating temperature range 40 +85
Performance specification 



Total range One axis 0~360 °
Resolution 0.1 °
Accuracy RMS ±0.5 °
Zero temperature drift -20~+60℃ ±1.5 °
Other parameter Size Without cable 46*41*13.5 mm
Standard cable length 0.35 m

Remark: You can choose 5V for supply or a range from 7V to 15V. Please note the supply voltage while ordering,

and the default value is 5V.

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