ZCT215FN-V1-CBS Dual Axis Analog Inclinometer Voltage Output Tilt Sensor

Product Short Description

Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.06°
Power supply DC4.8~5.2Vol
Total range ±15°
Output Voltage



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General Description:

Measuring range: ±15 degree;
Entirely industrial parts of device;
Stable and reliable performance.
Operating temperature: -40~80℃
Non-linearity: ±0.2%(Type)±0.25%(Max)



Small size, light weight;
High accuracy, high resolution;
Easy to integrate;
Entirely industrial parts of device;
Anti shock, anti vibration;
High cost performance.

Parameter Condition Min. Type Max. Units
Electrical characteristics Supply voltage (3 4.8 5 5.2 V(DC)
Static operating current Without load 5 8 mA
Output impedance Resistive 20
Capacitive 20 nF
Operating temperature -40 +85
Performance characteristics Measuring range ±15 °
linearity range ±10 °
Output voltage at zero Vcc=5.00V 2.48 2.5 2.52 V
Non-linearity (1 ±0.2 ±0.25
Sensitivity Vcc=5.00V 148 150 152 mV/°
Sensitivity error (2 ±1.3

Note1: Non-linearity means that the deviation degree of the output voltage line and the best fitting curve in the measuring range between -10 °and +10 °.

Note 2: The definition of sensitivity error is as follows:
Vsens = {Vout(@+10°)-Vout(@-10°)}/20 [mV/°]
Sensitivity error = (actual sensitivity – nominal sensitivity)/ nominal sensitivity×100%, nominal sensitivity is 150mv/°

Note3:Please keep the stability of supply voltage as possible as you can, because it will influence the sensitivity of sensor.

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