ZCT215M-LBS-BUS-B1-30 Two-Axis RS485 Digital Inclinometer Tilt Sensor

Product Short Description

Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.05°
Resolution 0.01°
Power supply DC8~30Vol
Total range ±15°
Output RS485
IP Grade IP67



How To Order


1. Measuring range: ±15°.
2. Two-Axis; RS485 output.
3. Features: Small size,light weight; High cost performance, easy to install; With filter function, shockproof.
4. Applications: Angle measuring; Leveling adjustment, zero setting; Security control, monitoring, alarm system; Machinery arm measuring; Initial position control, tilt attitude record and so on.

1. Working parameter

item condition min. typ max unit
Supply voltage 8 12 30 VDC
Quiescent current Vcc=12VNo load 25 28 mA
Operating temperature 40 +85

2. Performance parameter

item condition min typ max unit
Measuring range Dual-axis -15 +15 °
Resolution(1 0.01 °
Accuracy(2 ±0.05 °
Zero temperaturedrift -40+85℃ ±0.008 °/℃
±0.5 ±0.86 °
Response time(3 0.5 s

Remark1: Resolution means the least variation of measured device which can be detected by sensor

during the measuring range.

Remark2: Accuracy means the different value of test result and true value.

Remark3: As for the step change of the sensor, the needed time from beginning to the sensor’s output rise

to 85% of the final output.

3. Other parameter

item condition min typ max unit
size Not include cable and fastener 72*72*45 mm
Standard cable length 0.9 1 1.1 m

ZCT215M-LBS-BUS-B1-30 Product Specification

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