ZCT230M-LBS-ABUS-B1 Two-Axis RS485 Digital Inclinometer Sensor

Product Short Description

Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.05°
Resolution 0.01°
Power supply DC8~30Vol
Total range -30°~+30°
Output RS485
IP Grade IP65



How To Order


ZCT230M-LBS-ABUS-B1 is 2-axis high accuracy, high stability and low zero temperature draft, which is designed and produced by ZC Tech. The measuring range is ±30°. RS485 interface and digital angle output.



1. Angle measurement level adjustment;
2. Zero position adjustment;
3. Security control, surveillance;
4. Angle measurement in Mechanical arm.

Item Test condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Operating parameter Supply voltage DC 8 12 30 V
Quiescent current VCC=12.00V 30 50 mA
Working temperature -40 +85
Performance parameter Test range Dual axis ±30 degree
resolution(1 0.01 degree
accuracy(2 ±0.05 degree
repeatability ±0.02 degree
Zero temperature drift(3 -40— +85℃ ±0.1 ±0.15 degree
Sensitivity temperature drift(4 -40—+85℃ ±0.014 %/
Other parameter Storage temperature -45 +125
Protection IP65

Remark 1: Resolution means the smallest variation of measured device which can be detected by sensor during the measuring range.

Remark 2: Accuracy means the difference between displayed value of the sensor and the true value.

Remark 3: zero temperature drift means when the output is 0° under the room environment, the offset of the angle when change temperature.

Remark 4: sensitivity temperature drift means sensor’s sensitivity will be changed when the surrounding temperature changes It will affect the angle measurement and the mistake can be calculated as following formula:
arcsin (sinθ/(1±Δ%))–θ [θ means the actual angle, Δmeans the change in sensitivity]

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