ZCT245CL Series Two-Axis RS232/RS485/TTL Digital Inclinometer Tilt Sensor

Product Short Description

P/N ZCT245CL Series
Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.05°
Resolution 0.01°
Power supply DC8~30Vol
Total range ±45°
Output RS232/RS485/TTL
IP Grade IP67



How To Order


1. Measuring range: ±45°.
2. Two-Axis; TTL/RS232/RS485 output.

3. Features:
Small size;
Light weight;
Cost effective;
Ease of installing;
With the internal digital filter function, Shock resistance.

4. Applications:
Angle measuring;
Leveling adjustment;
Security control, monitoring, alarm system;
Angular measurement of arm;
Initial position control, grapher for tilt attitude and so on.

Performance Specification Parameter Test Condition Min.Value Type Value Max. Value Unit
Measuring range①  2 axis -45 +45 Degree
Resolution② 0.01 Degree
Accuracy③ 0.05 Degree
Output frequency 1.5 2 HZ
Zero temperature drift -40—+85℃ 0.008 0.01 °/℃
Electrical Specification Supply Voltage④ 8 30 VDC
Operating current⑤ VCC=12V 25 35 mA
Operating temperature⑥ -40 +85
Other Cable length 0.95 1 1.05 m
Size of case 72*72*45 mm

Note1: Measuring range refers to the maximum angle which can be measured when the device take the horizontal plane as zero angle.
Note2: Resolution refers to the minimum input angle which is resolved by device.
Note3: Accuracy definition: the degree of consistency of the measured angle and the true angle value.
Note4: Recommend to use DC 12V power supply, in order to reduce internal loss. When power supply voltage is larger than 28V, it may lead parts damaged or short lifetime. Please avoid the situation occur during normally using condition.
Note5: Current means the device input current when supply voltage is 12V and no signal output.
Note6: When the ambient temperature exceeds this temperature range, it will lead to shortened life expectancy or permanent damage of the device. It should try to avoid the situation happening in normal use.

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