(Price: $68) ZCT245J-LCS-E2-145 Two-Axis CAN Tilt Sensor

Product Short Description

P/N ZCT245J-LCS-E2-145
Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.5°
Resolution 0.1°
Power supply DC8~30Vol
Total range -45°+45°
Output CAN
IP Grade IP65



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Measuring range: ±45°
Axis: Two-Axis
Output: CAN communication

Angle test;
Safe control, monitoring, Alarm;
Standard control, bend control;
Tilt attitude recorder and so on.

Item Test condition min. typ max unit
Operationparameter Supply voltage DC 8 12 30 V
Quiescent current VCC=12.00V 50 60 mA
Working temperature -40 +85
Performanceparameter Test range Dual-axis ±45 degree
resolution(1 0.1 degree
accuracy(2 ±0.5 degree
repeatability ±0.2 degree
Zero temperature drift(3 -40— +85℃ 0.5 0.86 degree
Response time(4 100  ms
Otherparameter Storage temperature -45 +125
Protection IP65

Remark 1: Resolution means the smallest variation of measured device which can be detected by sensor during the measuring range.
Remark 2: Accuracy means the difference between displayed value of the sensor and the true value.
Remark 3: Zero temperature drift means when the output is 0º under the room environment, the offset of the angle when change temperature.
Remark 4: Response time means the the required time for senser output rising to 85% of the output, which is caused by step change of the measured angle.

ZCT245J-LCS-E2-145 Product Specification

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