ZCT290K-LCS-137-PF Two-Axis CAN Tilt Sensor Inclinometer

Product Short Description

P/N ZCT290K-LCS-137-PF
Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.1°
Resolution 0.01°
Power supply DC8~30Vol
Total range ±90°
Output CAN
IP Grade IP65



How To Order


1. Measuring range: ±90°.
2. Two-Axis; CAN communication.

3. Features:
High accuracy, high cost performance;
Industrial devices entirely, high stability, reliable performance;
Aluminum casting case;
Protection grade: IP65;
Wide DC supply, reverse power protection.

4. Applications:
Angle measurement;
Security control, monitoring, alarm;
Alignment control, warping control;
Tilt position recorder and so on.

Item Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Operation parameter Power supply DC 8 12 30 V
Quiescent current VCC=12.00V 90 120 mA
Operating temp -40 +85
Performance parameter Measuring range 2-axis ±90 °
Resolution(1 Range≤±60° 0.01 °
Accuracy(2 Range≤±30° ±0.05 °
Range≤±45° ±0.1 °
Range≤±60° ±0.15 °
Range≤±75° ±0.3 °
Range≤±90° ±4 °
Repeatability Range≤±60° ±0.03 °
Zero temp drift(3 -40— +85℃ 0.5 0.86 °
Sensitivity temp drift(4 -40—+85℃ 0.014 %/℃
Others Store temp 45 +125
Protection IP65

Remark 1: Resolution means the smallest variation of measured device which can be detected by sensor during the measuring range. The resolution is 0.01º in the rang of 60º, and the bigger the angle is, the lower the resolution is.

Remark 2: Accuracy means the difference between displayed value of the sensor and the true value.

Remark 3: zero temperature drift means when the output is 0º under the room environment, the offset of the angle when change temperature.

Remark 4: Sensitivity temperature dfift means the sensitivity changes with the change of environment temperature.
The tolerance on the measuring results is as follow:

arcsin (sinθ/(1±Δ%))–θ [θ is actual angle, Δ is the offset of the sensitivity]

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