Low Cost Tilt Sensor Single Axis Tilt Switch for Scissor Lifts

Product Short Description

P/N ZCT145J-LAS-1B-140
Axis Single axis
Non-linearity 0.5 °
Power supply DC 8~36Vol
Total range +-45°
Output Relay & RS232
IP Grade(sensor) IP65



How To Order


The 1-axis inclination sensor can monitor the tilt angle in real time, with max measuring range of +-45 degree. The alarm angle also can be set at any angle in the range. It can be widely used in the engineering machinery, especially on aerial lifts.

Power : DC8-36Vol Quescient current: 30mA Work temp range:-40 to 85 centigrade Zero temp drift: 0.03 degree per centigrade Measuring range:+-45 degree Accuracy: RMS 0.5 degree Resolution: 0.1 degree Output current:500mA

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