ZC Customized 12V Electronic Tilt Switch One Axis for Alarm System 0~90 Degree ZCT190J-LAS-1C-51

Product Short Description

P/N ZCT190J-LAS-1C-51
Axis Single axis
Accuracy 0.5°
Resolution 0.1°
Power supply DC8~36Vol
Total range 0°~90°
Output RS232
IP Grade IP65



How To Order


I. General Description

ZCT190J-LAS-1C-51 is a single axis tilt switch, with total range of 0~90 degree, widely used for construction machinery. Its switch action points can be set by user with the RS232 interface.


II. Features

All industrial components, stable performance;

Shockproof more than 10000g;

Wide power supply, with power reverse protection function;

Aluminum cast housing, IP65;

CE certificate.


III. Application

Crane and hoist;

Aerial work platform;

Safety control, monitoring, angle alarm.


IV.Technical Parameters 

(with no special requirement, at room environment (25) )

Item Test Condition Min. Tpy Max Unit
Work Supply voltage 8 12 36 V(DC)
Parameter Quiescent current(1 Non load VCC=12V 25 50 mA
Alarm current VCC=12V 60 mA
Alarm angle Relay operating point 0 70 90 °
Relay 220V(DC) 1 A
contact capacity 250V(AC) 1 A
Operating temperature -40 85 °C
Function Measure range 1 axis 0 90 °
Parameter Resolution 0.1 °
Accuracy (2 RMS(test ±0.5 °
Temperature 25°C±4°C)
Zero temperature drift -20~+60°C 1.5 °
Response time(3 1 s
Other parameter Size of housing No mounting plate 80*75*58 mm
Cable length 1.5 m



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