Two-axis Tilt Switch ZCT245J-LAT-1B-0506

Product Short Description

P/N ZCT245J-LAT-1B-0506
Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.5°
Resolution 0.1°
Power supply DC8~36Vol
Total range ±45°
Output RS232
IP Grade IP65



How To Order


I. General Description

ZCT245J-LAT-1B-0506 is a two-axis tilt switch which is researched and produced by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. The measuring range is +/- 45 degree. Real-time digital angle information, the switch action points and trigger delay time can be output and set through the RS232 serial communication port. It can be widely used in engineering mechanism field.


II. Application

Chain block, Hoist, crane

Aerial platform vehicle, lifter

Automatic orientation platform

Mining mechanism, oil-well drilling equipment

Security control, monitor, alarm

Operating parameter:

Parameter Condition  Min. Typ. Max Unit
Supply voltage① 8 12 36 V(DC)
Quiescent current② VCC=12V 50 mA
Operating temperature -40 +85
Zero temperature drift -40~+85℃ ±0.03 °/℃

Technical parameter:

Parameter Condition  Min. Typ. Max Unit
Measuring range 2-axis -45 +45 °
Accuracy RMS 0.5 °
Resolution 0.1 °
Output current③ Vout:24V 500 mA
Alarm output voltage Iout:500mA VCC-0.2 V
Trigger delay time adjusted 0.1 10 s
Protection grade IP65
Case size alufer. 80*75*58 mm


Note 1: Recommend to use DC 12V power supply, in order to reduce internal loss. When power supply voltage is larger than 36V, it may lead parts damaged or short lifetime. Please avoid the situation occur during normally using condition.

Note 2: Quiescent current means input current of parts when power supply voltage is 12V without alarm signal output.

Note 3: Output current means current flow from single line when device reached or over alarm angle.

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