Wireless LoRa Inclinometer Tilt Sensor ZCT800ML-215SR

Product Short Description

P/N ZCT800ML-215SR
Axis Dual axis
Accuracy 0.005~0.01 °
Resolution 0.001°
Power supply DC 3~3.6Vol
Total range ±15°
Output Lora protocol
IP Grade IP65



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I. Introduction

The ZCT800ML-S215 wireless inclinometer is a high accuracy tilt sensor developed by Shanghai Zhichuan. Based on LoRa wireless transmitting technology, the inclinometer is capable of detecting ±15℃ tilt. It features an embedded RTC, wireless wake-up and a low power consumption sleep mode. It is suitable for safety monitoring in industrial production and construction applications.


II. Special Features

Outstanding accuracy
High resolution,
LoRa wireless communication
Industrial class components
Maximum transmission distance of 5000m
Multiple operating modes, typical current in sleep mode 270uA
Long operating hours using batteries


III. Applications

Angle measurement
Horizon adjustment
Zero positioning
Safety control
Initial position control
Tilt posture recording


IV. Technical Specifications

(Data collected at room temperature of 25℃, unless otherwise specified)

1. Work parameters
Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Unit
Electric Parameters Power voltage Internal power supply(3.6V C Lithium battery1) 3 3.3 3.6 V (DC)
external power supply 8 12 30 V (DC)
Static working current Internal Power voltage: 3.6V, with LoRa module, Standby mode, with no wireless signal transmitted 25 30 mA
Sleep mode current2 Internal Power voltage: 3.6V, Normal or AutoSmp operation, at sleep status, no wireless data send/receive (including intermittent LoRa wireless CAD monitoring) 270 300 uA
Peak operating current Internal Power voltage: 3.6V, LoRa module configured as node mode, power savest grade, lowest speed grade 120 130 mA
Working temperature3 Without battery -40 80
Ordinary button type Lithium battery included -20 60
PerformanceParameters Measurement range X axis, Y axis ±15° °
Resolution4 Room temperature, 5Hz 0.001 °
Accuracy5 0~±15° ±0.005 ±0.01 °
Cross axis error ±1 %
Zero temperature drift6 -40~+85℃ ±0.002 °/℃
±0.1 °
Refresh time7 30 ms
Power-on time 10 s
Zero offset ±0.05 °
Protection class With outer case IP65
Miscellaneous Exterior dimensions Aluminum alloy case 85 85 42 mm

Note 1: Lithium batteries are not rechargeable,! Please replace the battery before full discharge. Do not try to charge it as there is a risk of explosion!

Note 2: Dormant working current means the product’s (including the internal LoRa module) working current, when it  is completely dormant without any wireless data sent or received. LoRa wireless CAD interception will be performed intermittently in the wireless module’s sleep state. By default, 32ms of wireless CAD interception will be performed in the factory state (listening state current is about 15mA). The factory inspection index of the product is the dormancy current without the LoRa module, typically 15uA, with a  maximum value of 26uA (the dormancy current is 3.9uA when LoRa module is dormant and there is no wireless data sent or received). The working current of the whole machine is guaranteed by design.

Note 3: The working temperature range is -20-60℃, limited by the working temperature range of the 3V(CR1220) button battery inside the product that supplies power to the RTC IC.

Note 4: Resolution refers to the minimum variation that can be detected by the sensor while working in its valid range.

Note 5: Accuracy refers to the difference between the real data and the data shown on the sensor.

Note 6: Zero temperature drift refers to the angle offset after a minor change over room temperature, where the fixed output angle is zero.

Note 7: Refresh time refers to the time used to renew the angle data in either axis.

2. LoRa module specifications

Parameter Conditions Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Transmitting Power 20 dBm
Receiving Sensitivity -148 dBm
Work Frequency 433 MHz 420 433 510 MHz
900 MHz 850 868 930 MHz

V. Pin Configuration

Pin configuration of the 4P male socket:


Configuration Power positive null null Power negative


VI. Exterior Measurements

1. Measurements of the aluminum alloy case:


2. Diagram of working state (schematic):


 VII. Case Share

Case 1. ZCT800ML-215SR Wireless LoRa Inclinometer Used for St Mary’s Church Building Protection

Case 2. IoT Solution-Safety Monitoring of “The Green Tile Building” in Shanghai

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