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    Digital Inclinometer for Solar Tracker Controller
    Product Model : ZCT1360K-LBS-ALV-H6-77
    Measuring Range : 0~360 °
    Output : RS485
    Power: Voltage(8~30V)
    Measuring Axis : Single Axis
    Accuracy : 0.1 °-0.5°
    Resolution : 0.1 °
    Application : Solar Tracker
    IP Degree : IP67
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃

          With RS485 differential signal / Modbus protocol output and kilometers’ transmission distance, ZCT1360K-LBS-ALV-H6-77 is a single-axis inclinometer developed and manufactured by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for industrial field control.

          All industrial-grade components are used internally, with stable and reliable performance. There is built-in temperature sensor, which corrects the temperature drift through temperature compensation, thus ensuring that the product can maintain very good zero-point characteristics over the full temperature range and the response frequency reaches more than 20Hz. The protection grade of the sensor reaches IP67, which can be applied to various harsh industrial environments and is a true industrial-grade product.

         Unlike other inclination sensors (acceleration principle) with the same principle on the market, even if the mounting surface is not perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the sensor can provide very good accuracy output, overcoming the complex installation environment requirements of the industrial site.


    Full measurement Range, High-cost effectiveness;

    Compact size, lightweight, easy to integrated into various systems;

    100% industrial components, reliable performance; Anti-shock, 



    Wind deviation monitoring, Solar tracking,  inclination measurement, horizontal 

    adjustment, vertical monitoring, attitude recording; engineering 

    machinery, surveying and mapping instruments, etc.

    Technical Parameters:


    Enclosure Size:


    Installation Precautions:

    1-This product should be installed as shown in the installation method as shown below.

    The mounting surface is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.


    Even if the mounting surface (or running surface) is inclined at 30° from the horizontal plane,

    there is almost no influence on the precision output of this product, and it can be applied to an

    industrial site that does not meet the above installation requirements. As shown below:


    2-Measurement Direction


    Remark: ZCT1360K-LBS-ALV-H6-77default cable length 1 Meter


    Lowest prices ever, thanks to mass production and integral procurement strategy.

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