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  •  » High accuracy wireless digital inclinometer with LCD screen and strong magnetic mounting
    High accuracy wireless digital inclinometer with LCD screen and strong magnetic mounting
    Product Model : ZCT-CX09
    Measuring Range : ±90 °
    Output : Digital Output
    Measuring Axis : Dual Axis
    Accuracy : 0.005°-0.01°
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP67
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Shell Size : 94 * 64 * 32 mm

    ZCT-CX09 is a high accuracy wireless digital inclinometer with LCD screen and strong magnetic mounting, developed and produced by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It supports dual-axis, ±90° (recommended range ±60°) and single-axis 360° measurement.

    When dual-axis measurement is enabled, both Angle-measurement mode in degrees (°) and the Height-Difference-Measurement mode in millimeters/meters (mm/m) can be selected.

    When single axis measurement is enabled, 360°counterclockwise, 360°clockwise and ±180°measurement direction are supported; customized relative zero point is supported.


    Product Feature

    ■ Results displayed OLED in real time.

    ■ Portable design; multiple functions.

    ■ Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.

    ■ Bluetooth 5.0 BLE,customizable protocols.

    ■ Reserve the LoRa module interface to retain the scalability of long-distance communication.



    ■ Leveling of building construction;

    ■ Machinery leveling;

    ■ Angle detection of various equipment;

    ■ Geological tilt measurement

    ■ Building tilt measurement


    Technical Parameters:

    Technical ParametersUnless otherwise specified, the following parameters are typical values at room temperature 25℃

    Parameter Condition MIN TYPE DEF MAX UNIT
    Electrical Parameters Power Source 3.2 3.7 4.2 V(DC)
    Static current 3.7V Battery 16 25 mA
    Working temperature -10 60
    Recharging Temperature -5 40
    Performance Parameters Continuous working time @ room temperature 40 42.5 45 Hrs
    Dual Axis Measurement Measurement Range1 ±15° °
    Resolution1 0~±15° 0.001 °
    Accuracy1 ±0.005 ±0.01 °
    Measurement Range2 ±60° °
    Resolution2 0~±60° 0.001 °
    Accuracy2 ±0.01 ±0.02 °
    Measurement Range3 ±85° °
    Resolution3 0~±85° 0.01 °
    Accuracy3 ±0.1 ±0.5 °
    Measurement Range4 ±90° °
    Resolution4 0~±90° 0.1 °
    Accuracy4 ±0.5 ±1.0 °
    Single Axis Measurement Range 0 360° °
    Resolution 0~360° 0.001 °
    Accuracy ±0.01 ±0.02 °
    Cross axis error ±1 %
    Zero point temperature drift -10~+60℃ ±0.002 °/℃
    ±0.1 °
    Start time 2.5 s
    Zero Point deviation ±0.05 °
    Other IP level IP66
    Size  94*64*32 mm

    Note ①:Resolution refers to the smallest amount of change that the sensor can detect within the Measurement Range.

    Note ②: Zero-point temperature drift refers to: the angular reading offset when the actual angle is at absolute zero degree when the ambient temperature is at room temperature.


    Function introduction and operation instructions:


    Precautions for use


    This product has a built-in magnetic structure. Left, right, bottom side and back plate can be directly adhered on the surface of the steel object. Before usage, make sure that the installation surface is flat and the abtraction is stable and reliable to prevent the product from falling and causing damage. For example, if the product abstraction is unsteady or shaking, it will also affect the measurement results.

    In the dual-axis mode, the Accuracy described in the technical parameter table is only for the absolute measurement mode. The Accuracy when using the relative measurement mode is determined by the range of the actual absolute angle. If necessary, please refer to the parameter table after setting the relative zero point and calculate the measurement accuracy.

    Product Accuracy in single axis mode is not affected by absolute/relative measurement mode.

    The default measurement mode is the is dual axis (absolute measurement) mode.

    Measurement Direction:

    When using dual-axis measurement mode, the product should be installed with the screen facing upwards, and the measurement directions of each axis are as shown in the figure below:

    When using the single-axis measurement mode, the product is installed upright, and the measurement direction can be switched by long-pressing the HOLD key. The default is 360° CCW, refer to the figure below

    This product is a high-precision tilt measurement device. Please do not disassemble it. Any dismantling behavior after factory calibration may affect the final measurement accuracy of the product. The content in the technical parameter table is only responsible for the state of the product when it leaves the factory. Falling from a high place, etc. will cause changes in measurement accuracy and even product damage.

    High-precision products are recommended to be calibrated regularly. If you need calibration services, please contact our company.

    This information is for reference only, Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the right to modify the information without notice

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