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    Android APP Type Borehole Inclinometer Without Reel
    Product Model : ZCT-CX03E-JC230
    Measuring Range : ±30 °
    Output : Bluetooth
    Measuring Axis : Dual Axis
    Accuracy : 0.001°-0.005°
    Resolution : 0.001°
    Application : Geotechnical
    IP Degree : IP68
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃

    ZCT-CX03E is the latest Bluetooth borehole inclinometer system developed and manufactured by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. With the inclinometer, measurement activities can be configured by an Android mobile phone, and data collected can be uploaded immediately to the phone. With the Android app, functions such as hole locating, measurement, display, storage, alarming, data analysis and data import/export can be easily realized.

    Major advantages of ZCT-CX03E:

    l        anti-vibration

    l        stable and reliable

    l        high protection grade

    l        wide measurement range

    l        high resolution and accuracy

    l        portable, smart and user-friendly

    l        real-time data display and uploading


    Technical Parameters:

    Technical Specification:(unless specifical modification, the following are typical value in-room environment(25℃).)

    Item Testing Condition MIN TYPE MAX UNIT
    Measurement Range Dual axis -30 +30 °
    Resolution(1 0.001 °
    Accuracy ±0.005 °
    System repeatability 30m ±0.2 ±1 mm
    Range of working temperature -20 +60
    Protection degree Probe IP68
    Data logger IP67
    Size Without reel 985*425*175 mm
    With reel 350*250*430
    Continuous working time 25 ° C 10 hours
    Weight Without reel 15 kgs
    Reference specifications JB∕T 12204-2015
    Video Display:

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