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  • What value can ZCT-CX03E mobile phone inclinometer create for customers?
  • » What value can ZCT-CX03E mobile phone inclinometer create for customers?
    Post time: 06-25-2020

    The latest mobile phone inclinometer developed by Zhichuan Technology is on the market! This inclinometer is the result of a substantial technical upgrade by our researchers on the basis of the original version ZCT-CX03S.


    Its main features and advantages include:


    1. Using any Android mobile phone (not a special display or a handheld computer) can configure the collection behavior and perform the collection operation, and the flexibility is greatly improved. If the monitor is broken, the maintenance cost is high, and the freight and waiting time will be borne. In addition to the high cost of maintenance, PDAs also have the risk of discontinuation of production and failure to purchase accessories. Smartphones are different. They are very popular. If they are broken, lost or forgotten, it is easy to find alternatives. Download a Zhichuan app and start measuring right away.


    2. The hardware (probe and wire reel) is sturdy and durable. It is only used as a collection tool. The functions other than collection are all realized by software. It is easy to operate and easy to upgrade. When collecting, the data is stored in the mobile phone in real time; after the collection, the data is always with you.



    3. If the cloud function is enabled on the mobile phone, the measured data will be automatically stored in the cloud, will not be lost, maintain the original ecology, and prevent tampering. No matter when and where, as long as there is Internet, data can immediately appear in front of you.


    4. The collection action is completed automatically, reminded by the buzzer, without manual confirmation by the operator. Older inclinometers and other common brands of inclinometers need to manually touch the buttons on the display screen to confirm the collection action. Usually two people are required to work together, and one person will be more difficult to operate.


    5. Adopting the adaptive stabilization algorithm, the stabilization time of each measuring point is shortened, which greatly improves the efficiency, and can collect data of 65 points every 3.7 minutes. Work efficiency is an issue that every customer cares about. High efficiency is equal to saving you money.


    6. Ultra-high repeatability, from the original old product ± 2.5mm / 30m, greatly improved to ± 0.5-1mm / 30m. According to our company’s survey, this index parameter is already at the world’s leading level, higher than most peers.


    7. Using the mobile phone’s GPS positioning function, you can easily locate the worksite location and hole location.


    8. The measurement curve is generated in real time, the historical data is automatically analyzed, and various analysis algorithms are provided. Data can be easily imported, exported, backed up, and shared to social apps without having to transfer the data to the computer for processing.


    Due to the many highlights mentioned above, the ZCT-CX03E received a warm response from the market as soon as it was launched.


    Zhichuan Technology always believes: technology can change the industry, technology can change the way of working, and technology makes your work easier!


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