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    In-Place Inclinometer Data Logger
    Product Model : ZCT-CX100-DC01
    Output : RS485
    Power: Voltage(10~15V)
    Application : Geo/Structural Monitoring
    IP Degree : IP65
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Shell Size : 150 * 110 * 10 mm
    Other Parameter : 8G MicroSD

    ZCT-CX100-DC01 is a data acquisition device developed and manufactured by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is used for data acquisition of sensor of ZCT-CX100 fixed inclinometer system.

    The collector can be powered by 10-15V DC power supply or external battery, which is suitable for field environment.

    The collector has two independent RS-485 acquisition channels, and expands the external pluggable SD card for data storage and backup. The output supports two communication modes of RS-232 and RS-485, which can be either wired or remote data transmission module, and automatically collect and access data with PC software.

    ZCT-CX100-DC02 is a data logger developed by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for data acquisition of ZCT-CX100 in-place inclinometer sensor.

    Power Supply 10-15V DC, working current: 55mA@12V in standby state, 150mA@12V in communication state and 30mA@12V in single probe. The power supply with sufficient load capacity should be selected according to the number of probes. It is suggested that the power supply with load current over 1A should be used.

    Data Channel

    Two RS-485 input channels, each supporting up to 30 fixed sensors

    1 RS-232/RS-485 output channel, supporting up to 32 collector wired networking

    Optional 2G/3G/4G remote data transmission


    8G MicroSD Card Storage

    Length, width and height: 15.0*11.0*1.0

    Working temperature: – 20 ~70 ~

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