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  • The flood season arrived, coming together with heavy rain, how to prepare for the geological disaster ?
  • » The flood season arrived, coming together with heavy rain, how to prepare for the geological disaster ?
    Post time: 06-18-2020

    The flood season is coming, currently, a total of 2.6 million people are now affected by the torrential rains in the south. Floods above the warning level have occurred in 52 rivers of 8 provinces- Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan,etc., and landslides occur frequently in mountainous areas. In Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, where there are many mountains and little land, many buildings have to be built on the hillside, which can be seen from the limitation of human living space. At the same time, it also laid a lot of hidden dangers to the surrounding cities. The residents look around themselves, does it mean that they are safe in reinforced concrete?  In particular, China has complicated geological conditions. . Many buildings built on the hillside and face more rain in the southern region, and there are many hidden dangers such as collapse, landslide, debris flow, ground collapse, land subsidence, which are widely distributed and difficult to prevent. People’s lives and properties are seriously threatened at all times.


    Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the public, Shenzhen Geological Bureau began to monitor the displacement of rock and soil or engineering structure at a certain depth under the ground, and early warning was carried out through the displacement signs of slope and support structure. Zhichuan technology’s in place inclinometer system (zct-cx300), are fortunately selected, and has been deployed and implemented, forming a strong defense line for the people. The system can realize automatic monitoring, big data analysis, remote operation through the intelligent Internet of things, early warning, to avoid landslide accidents.


    The figure below shows the installation site of a school, one of the project sites in Shenzhen .


    Site environment map of a school in Shenzhen


    Site installation of the owner’s works


    The client installs in place inclinometer (zct-cx300) after drilling holes on multiple slopes. After automatic collection, uploading cloud platform and big data analysis, the client monitors the change of deep displacement of soil in real-time. Zhichuan technology attaches great importance to this work, providing on-site guidance for the inclinometer installation, embedding, debugging and other technical support. The client achieves zero accident and full success, Successfully complete all works on site.

    Wireless automatic datalogger terminal


    Finally, the installation and commissioning work was successfully completed and passed the acceptance. The customer gave a high evaluation on the excellent quality of in place inclinometer system zct-cx300 and the professional and efficient work of technical engineers.


    Thanks for the trust of Shenzhen geological department and the strong support of Shenzhen partners.


    As the leader of the slop angle monitoring industry, ZC in place inclinometer is superior to other similar products in high-precision measurement and stable operation data. It has become a recognized standard in the industry. In order to adapt to the field conditions and reduce the cost of data collection, all inclinometer probes have realized unattended, automatic data collection, wireless transmission, remote real-time monitoring.


    Science and technology care for life, science and technology bring security, let us work together for the harmonious life of mankind.

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