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    0-360° CAN bus output single-axis tilt sensor
    Product Model : ZCT1360J-LCS-E3-145
    Measuring Range : 0~360 °
    Output : CAN
    Power: Voltage(8~30V)
    Measuring Axis : Single Axis
    Accuracy : 0.1 °-0.5°
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP65

    ZCT1360J-LCS-E3-145 is a highly accurate and stable single-axis tilt sensor which is developed and manufactured by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Tech. Co., LTD. Measurement range is 360 degrees. CAN bus communication.



    High accuracy, High cost-effective

    High stability, High reliability

    Aluminum housing, IP65

    Wide range power supply

    Power reverse connection protection



    Angle measurement

    Safety control, monitoring and alarm

    Real-time tilt angle record

    Construction machinery


    Technical Parameters:


    Unless otherwise specified, the following are typical values at room temperature (25 ℃).

    Item Condition MIN Typical MAX Unit
    Operation parameters Power supply DC 8 12 30 V
    Quiescent current VCC=12.00V 50 60 mA
    Working temperature -40 +85
    Performance parameters Measurement range Single-axis 360 Degree
    Resolution(1 0.1 Degree
    Accuracy(2 ±0.5 Degree
    Repeatability ±0.2 Degree
    Zero temperature drift(3 -40℃ to +85℃ 0.5 0.86 Degree
    Response time(4 100 ms
    Others Storage temperature -45 +125
    IP level IP65



    • Resolution means the minimum change that the sensor can detect in the measurement range.
    • Accuracy means the difference between the measured result and the true value being measured.
    • Zero temperature drift means when the output angle is fixed zero at room temperature, the angle offset changes along with temperature change.
    • Response time means how long time it takes that the output of the tilt sensor reaches 85% of the changed angle value.


    Wire connection and dimension (unit: mm)

    Wire connection definition:

    PIN definition (5 pins M12 male connector):

    • PIN1 ―――― NC
    • PIN2 ―――― VCC
    • PIN3 ――――GND
    • PIN4 ―――― CAN_H
    • PIN5 ―――― CAN_L

    Dimension without mounting plate:

    Dimension with mounting plate:

    Installation and measurement direction

    The tilt sensor should be installed vertically to increase the accuracy of the measurement.

    Order info

    The required cable length should be declared on the PO.


    Lowest prices ever, thanks to mass production and integral procurement strategy.

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