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  •  » Normal accuracy low cost robust 2 axis digital tilt sensor for agriculture machinery
    Normal accuracy low cost robust 2 axis digital tilt sensor for agriculture machinery
    Product Model : ZCT245J-LCS-E3-145
    Measuring Range : ±45 °
    Output : CAN
    Power: Voltage(8~30V)
    Measuring Axis : Dual Axis
    Accuracy : 0.1 °-0.5°
    Resolution : 0.1 °
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP65
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃

    . General description

    ZCT245J-LCS-E3-145 dual-axis tilt sensor is designed and produced by ZC SENSOR. Measuring range:± 45°, CAN communication.

    . Features

    Industrial devices entirely

    Stable and reliable performance

    cast-aluminum housing

    with IP65 protection grade

    Wide power supply

    reverse power protection

    . Application

    Angle test

    Safe control, monitoring, alarm

    Standard control, bend control

    Tilt attitude recorder

    .Technical specification:(unless special mark, the following data are typical value in-room environment 25℃)

    Item Test condition min. typ max unit


    Supply voltage DC 8 12 30 V
    Quiescent current VCC=12.00V 50 60 mA
    Working temperature -40 +85


    Test range Dual-axis ±45 degree
    resolution(1 0.1 degree
    accuracy(2 ±0.5 degree
    repeatability ±0.2 degree
    Zero temperature drift(3 -40— +85℃ 0.5 0.86 degree
    Response time(4 100  ms


    Storage temperature -45 +125
    Protection IP65

    Remark 1:

    Resolution means the smallest variation of measuring device which can be detected by the sensor during the measuring range.

    Remark 2:

    Accuracy means the difference between the displayed value of the sensor and the true value.

    Remark 3:

    zero temperature drift means when the output is 0º under the room environment,

    the offset of the angle when change temperature.

    Remark 4:

    Response time means the required time for sensor output rising to 85% of the output, which is caused by a step change of the measured angle.

    . CAN communication protocol

    Pls see the product datasheet

    . Wire installation and pin definition:

    In order to get the biggest range of angle variation, the sensor should be installed horizontally when the carrier or platform is normal.

    Wire connection

    PIN1 ―――― NC       PIN2 ――――  VCC power supply

    PIN3 ―――― GND      PIN4 ―――― CAN_H     PIN5 ―――― CAN_L

    Outside dimension 

    . Installation attentions:


    Order information:

    Optional component-plate: AZB-03;

    Countersunk head screw: M4*12;


    Lowest prices ever, thanks to mass production and integral procurement strategy.

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