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    ±90° RS232 output single axis crane/Aerial vehicle and lift tilt switch
    Product Model : ZCT190AL-V1
    Measuring Range : ±90 °
    Output : RS232
    Power: Voltage(12~36V)
    Measuring Axis : Single Axis
    Accuracy : 0.1 °-0.5°
    Resolution : 0.1 °
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP67
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃

    ZCT190AL-V1 is a single-axis tilt switch developed and produced by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It measures the angle range from 0 to 90 degrees and is output through the RS232 serial communication port. The switch operating point can be set by the user’s command. Can be widely used in the field of construction machinery.


    All industrial devices are used, with stable and reliable performance
    Impact resistance greater than 10000g
    Allows a wide range of power supply, with reverse power protection
    Adopt cast aluminum shell, protection grade IP65
    Products passed CE certification


    Aerial vehicle and lift
    Security control, monitoring, alarm

    Technical Parameters:

    1)Technical parameters(Typical values is under room temperature 25℃, unless special marked)

    Item Condition Min. Typical Max. Unit
    Supply Voltage 8 12 36 V(DC)
    Static working current(1 Horizontal non-load Vcc=12V 25 50 mA
    alarm working current(1 VCC=12V 60 mA
    Alarm angle Relay action point 0 70 90 °
    Working temp. range -40 +85
    Measure range Single axis 0 90 °
    Resolution(1 0.1 °
    Accuracy(2 Room temp( 25℃±4℃) ±0.5 °
    Absolute zero point deviation -20~+60℃ 1.5 °
    Respond time(3 1 s
    Housing size Without plate 80*75*58 mm
    Cable length 1.5 m

    Note 1: The static working current refers to the working current of the device when the power supply voltage is 12V and there is no alarm signal output.
    Note 2: Accuracy refers to the root-mean-square error of the actual real angle and the sensor measurement angle measured multiple times (≥16 times).
    Note 3: When the input angle reaches the set angle and the device outputs an alarm signal, the time required is the response time.


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