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    Post time: 04-10-2019

    In recent years, due to the impact of global warming, increased uncertainty climatic conditions, and extreme weather, power grid failure also increased,  especially transmission line fault trip occurs significantly increased, this is a serious threat to the safe operation of the line.

    Inclination sensors are mainly used to detect  the partial impact of transmission line from its vertical position by icing and wind power .

    Icing causes are complex, it is a comprehensive physical phenomenon by temperature, humidity, cold and warm air convection, the impact of wind speed, and so on .

    When the air temperature drops below zero or lower, even if water is in contact with the surface,  it will form a transmission line icing. 

    In 2008, Guizhou Province icing of transmission lines, for example ,it is the direct result of the transmission line Icing result.

    Main of the icing and partial wind hazards is  blackouts, severe ice line tower can be a direct result of the collapse of line trip, reducing the insulation level of the insulator causing a short circuit phenomenon.

    The followings are Zhichuan ZCT260K-LBS-BUS-XYB tilt sensor images with applications in power monitoring.


    In addition, for other typical  inclinometer with same power monitoring application is as follow: 

    1, a power company’s in domestic market with use of : ZCT260K-LBS-BUS-B1-31 used in ice cover; ZCT215M-LBS-BUS-B1-31, used in the tower tilted; ZCT230M1-NTQ, used in icing cover, main feature of this product : low power consumption.

    2, ZCT290L-NTP  usde in partial wind , this is a family serial inclinometer. Bare module and one  with housing  both can  be available , with  <0.1 degree accuracy.


    OEM, Lowest prices in the industry, MOQ as low as 1pcs.

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