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    Low cost two-axis digital tilt sensor
    Product Model : ZCT2XXJ-XXX-17
    Output : Digital Output
    Power: Voltage(5V)
    Measuring Axis : Dual Axis
    Accuracy : 0.1 °-0.5°
    Resolution : 0.1°
    Application : Solar Tracker
    IP Degree : IP67

    ZCT2XXJ-XXX-17 is a low-cost two-axis tilt sensor which is developed and produced by Shanghai ZC sensor. Its measuring range is ±60 degrees in maximum.  It has zero setting function as well as optional Baud rate and so on.


    •Small size and lightweight. 

    •Be waterproof and dustproof with aluminium shell.

    •Stable and reliable performance.


    •Cost-effective and ease of integration.

    Support +5V or 7-15V power supply (note in order)

    IP67 waterproof


    •Angle measuring,leveling adjustment,zero setting.

    •Mining machine and petroleum drilling equipment.

    •Aloft work platform monitoring. 

    •Security control,monitoring,alarm system.

    •Angular measurement of arm,dam,construction,bridge. 

    •Aligning control,bending control.

    Part number introduction


    Technical Parameters:

    Technical SpecificationUnless otherwise specified, the following parameters were measured at room temperature 25°C)


    Item Condition Min. type. Max. Unit
    Operating parameter Supply voltage @5V 4.8 5.0 5.2 V(DC)
    @7~15V 7 12 15 V(DC)
    Quiescent  current @5V 20 25 mA
    @7~15V 21 35 mA
    Performance parameter Measuring range dual axis -60 +60 °
    Resolution 0.1 °
    Accuracy RMS ±0.5 °
    Zero temperature drift -25~+85℃ ±0.03 °/℃
    -40~+85℃ ±0.05 °/℃
    Output frequency Can be adjusted  by FILT command 1 14 Hz
    Others Operating temperature -40~+85
    Protection grade IP67
    Housing size 46*41*15.2 mm
    PCB size 25.4*25.4 mm


    Housing Size 


    Definition of connection
    Color of wire RS485 RS232 TTL
    Red Grey +5V/+7~+15V
    Black Black GND
    Blue Blue 485B RX RX
    Yellow  or green Brown 485A TX TX

    Actual installation


    All related part number is as below:

    ZCT245J-NTQ-17  ZCT245J-NTR-17  ZCT245J-NAQ-17   ZCT245J-NAR-17

    ZCT245J-LTQ-17  ZCT245J-LTR-17   ZCT245J-LAQ-17   ZCT245J-LAR-17

    ZCT260J-NTQ-17  ZCT260J-NTR-17  ZCT260J-NAQ-17   ZCT260J-NAR-17

    ZCT260J-LTQ-17  ZCT260J-LTR-17   ZCT260J-LAQ-17   ZCT260J-LAR-17


    Lowest prices ever, thanks to mass production and integral procurement strategy.

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