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    Single Axis Current Type Inclination Sensor
    Product Model : ZCT1XXJ-XPS-A
    Measuring Range : ±10 ° ( ±20 °)
    Output : Current(0~20mA)
    Power: Voltage(12~24V)
    Resolution : 0.1 °
    Non Linearity : ±0.4 %/FS
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP66

    ZCT190J-LPS-A is a single-axis current type tilt sensor designed and produced by ZC Tech. The measuring range is 0°-90°, standard 4 ~ 20mA output. It is with good anti-jamming features, suitable for long-distance transmission.


    Standard 4~20mA output, Two separate tilt sensor, high reliability, Shockproof 1000g


    Angle measurement of construction machinery, Load moment indicator

    Model P/N Remark

    ZCT1XXJ-XPS-A series, xx means degree, x means housing material, we now have L-Aluminum alloy, S- Plastic, F- Stainless steel; 

    Technical Parameters:

    Technical Data:(room environment at 25℃)

    Item Test condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
    Electronic specification Supply voltage 12 30 V(DC)
    Operating current VCC=24V/no load 15 25 mA
    Load resistance Current type(VCC=24V) 600 Ω
    Operating temperature -40 +85
    Performance specification Measuring range 1-axis 0 90 °
    Resolution① 0.1 °
    Sensitivity② 4-20mA output 0.087 0.089 0.091 mA/°
    Non-linearity③ VCC=24V


    ±0.4 %/FS
    Response frequency 3 Hz
    Operating current VCC=12V/no load 25 30 mA
    Zero temperature drift -40—+85℃ 0.008 °
    Cable Length 0.95 1 1.05 m
    Others Housing size 72*72*45 mm


    Remark 1: The smallest angular increment at which a detectable change in output can be measured.

    Remark 2: Non-linearity means the devation degree between output curve and the best fitting line.

    Remark 3: Sensitivity is defined as Isens ={Iout(@90°)-Iout(@0°)}/{90°}[mA/°]


    Characteristic of Tilt angle Output current


    Housing Dimensionunit:mm:


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