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    Zigbee Wireless Transmission Inclinometer
    Product Model : ZCT215M-LWS-AZ-E3
    Measuring Range : ±15 °
    Output : ZigBee
    Power: Voltage(8~30V)
    Accuracy : 0.005°-0.01°
    Application : Machinery
    IP Degree : IP65
    Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃

    Instructions: The Zigbee module is configured in advance to ensure that the network-related information is correct. The sensor uses an external power supply (available battery powered). The battery voltage can be read by command. When the battery voltage is below 8V, the status light will flash, indicating that the supply voltage is too low.

    Sleep Mode: The sleep mode can include default timed sleep (based on RTC clock, timed adjustable) and no sleep mode. The sensor does not sleep by default, use the sleep mode to configure the appropriate sleep time to ensure that the network communication is normal.

    The process of connecting to the sensor:

    1) Zigbee networking; According to the network configuration information of the module, the sensor can be configured after power on.

    2) establish a connection; Once the network is normal, the network is successful, the central node to send information frame to establish a connection.

    3) set the sleep mode; Set the sleep interval and wait time before setting the sleep mode, and the sleep interval time setting value must be greater than the waiting time setting value, and then send the sleep command to enter the sleep mode.

    4) sensor data read and parameter settings; The sensor does not enter the sleep mode or from the sleep mode by setting the sleep interval wake-up time, according to the Modbus protocol to send commands, you can achieve the sensor data read and parameter settings.

    5) disconnected; When the host sleep command or wait time expires, the sensor will enter the forced sleep mode, waiting for the next wake-up time to arrive at Wake up.


    Serial communication port settings:

    The ZIGBEE module is connected to the ZIGBEE module. The baud rate of the ZIGBEE module is 9600 bps. The baud rate of the ZIGBEE module must be 9600 bps. The baud rate and the ZIGBEE module on the ZIGBEE center node module Communication baud rate does not have to be consistent with the host computer connected to the ZIGBEE center node module communication baud rate and the host computer can be consistent.

    Technical Parameters:

    Technical Indicators:

    Parameter Conditions Min Typ  Max  Units
    Transmit power 18 25 dBm
    Receiving sensitivity -92 -105 dBm
    Working frequency ISM band 2.4 GHz
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